Terms of Service

Article 1 Introduction

These Terms of Service (hereinafter the “Terms”) govern the relationship of users (hereinafter “User” or “You”), AMGEN META LTD. (hereinafter “AMGEN” or the “Company” or “Us”) and its affiliates in regards to services (hereinafter the “Service”) of website or application on which these Terms are posted. Additionally, the Terms describe the terms applicable when using the Service of the Company on other Websites or Platforms. When you use the Service, you represent that you understand these Terms and shall be deemed conclusively to have agreed to all the terms. These Terms are not applicable to independently operated Blockchain-based games serviced on AMGEN. In such case, the separate Terms of Service of such game shall apply. The Company puts reasonable effort in operating AMGEN Service. However, the Company shall not be held liable for any service disruption or discontinuation of service due to natural disasters or other force majeure events. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you should not access our sites or use our Services.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

The Terms herein shall be defined as follows :

1. “Company” refers to AMGEN META LTD.

2. “Service” refers to the inclusive entirety of the Company provided website, wallet and such, which is accessible throughtablet, mobile or any electronic device.

3. “Website” refers to AMGEN website : https://theamgen.com/

4. “Wallet” refers to the online wallet provided by AMGEN, through application. Wallet stores public keys and private keys to store and manage digital assets. Wallet allows purchase, trade, exchange functions in AMGEN.

5. “User” or “You” refer to the person who uses the Service provided by the Company.

6. “Game” refers to any electronic video game.

7. “In-game item” refers to electronic data, including NFT (Non-Fungible Token), that exists in a digital form and is designated for use in games.

8. “Digital Asset” refers to Blockchain-based items or data that exist in digital form. Digital asset includes, but is not limited to, NFT, cryptocurrency and game token.

– NFT : Non-fungible Token refers to any digital asset on blockchain that is not mutually interchangeable with other tokens. Within the Service, certain in-game items are provided as NFT.

– Cryptocurrency : Coins and tokens issued with blockchain technology. On AMGEN Platform, AMGEN Token is used as key currency that can be exchanged with METAVERSE tokens or used as a means of purchase.

– Game Token : Tokens that can be used for using the contents of game service on AMGEN platform or purchasing game items, and more of such.

Article 3 Products

The Company offers a variety of services which may include purchasing, trading or exchange contents. To interact with our Services, you must have a registered account. Product information, pricing and availability of products listed in the Service are subject to change.

1. Purchase Terms

Please read these purchase terms carefully before ordering products from the Service. Brief purchase precautions will be given to you in appropriate methods when you proceed to purchase the products from the Service. Digital assets may be required to purchase products on the Service. Please note that you agree to these Purchase Terms set out in this document when you purchase through Service or services directly connected to the Service.

2. Effect and modification of Terms of Service

The Company, if deemed necessary, can modify these Terms of Service to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. Any modified contents shall be announced or notified by AMGEN via electronic methods, including, but not limited to : email address, electronic notice in the Service or pop-up message. Please note that you acknowledge and accept that these Terms of Service and/or the Service may be amended, modified, or altered at any time without a notice at discretion of AMGEN.

Your continued use of the Service after any modifications of these Terms of Service shall constitute your consent and acceptance of any such changes, modifications, or alterations. If you do not agree to the revised Terms of Service, you may terminate the Service Agreement through discontinuation of use of Service or withdraw membership at any time. The date of the most recent modifications will be indicated at the top of these Terms of Service.

2. Provision of AMGEN Platform

By using our Service, you agree with following conditions under the applicable law :

– You have all necessary knowledge to deal with digital items and/or Blockchain-based systems, have a full understanding of their framework, are aware of all the merits, risks and any restrictions associated with digital assets.

– You will neither use the Service for any illegal activity nor be engaged in any illegal activity.

– You solely control your credentials (email address, password or other information provided for the purpose of the Service use) and do not act on behalf of any third party.

– To provide better Service, the Company may display in the Service Page or send out via email various information including notices, admin messages and other advertisements regarding use of the Service. If you do not wish to receive such email, please contact our customer service at info@theamgen.com

3. Updates

The Company may deploy or provide patches, updates, upgrades, content or other modifications to the Services for reasonable purposes. These updates may result in the Services being temporarily unavailable. In certain circumstances, we may suspend, withdraw or disable the Service for longer periods while we deploy these updates.

Service suspension due to any of the causes shall be notified or announced through email or pop-up message from the Service. Any causes that the Company is unable to predict, nor control shall be an exception of prior notification or announcement. However, even for such exceptional causes, the Company shall exert its utmost effort to recover the Service at the earliest possible time.

4. Fraud Policy

Fraudulent activity within the service refers to any activity that intentionally deceives other users for profit. The Company may restrict fraudulent users to create a healthy mertaverse environment. Recovery measures for damages incurred by fraudulent activity is not provided, for such damage is caused by personal carelessness and negligence.