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AMG – a utility token based on the BEP20 that will allow anyone, regardless of investment level, to participate in the virtual world while motivating people to use a single currency.

Why the blockchain?

  Blockchain technology has gained widespread acceptance in recent years and will undoubtedly become more prevalent in the near future. It enables information to be stored and transferred (in this case, transactions) without the need for a central intermediary institution. Above all, the blockchain connects people, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to participate in a project like AMG. Indeed, it appears difficult for an American to invest in real estate in Europe without encountering all of the administrative and banking challenges, but this is where blockchain steps in and is addressing the long-lasting issue. Therefore, blockchain is a logical move forward for a project like AmGen.
AmGen has a maximum supply of only 99 million coins, with several coin burn events planned as a result of our targets and goals.

Team tokens are distributed progressively and monthly over a period of 10 years.

AmGen assets will be community owned which will provide various benefits to the owners

AMG provides fund participation while lowering the risk of fees associated with holding the asset.

Blockchain enables people from all over the world to invest in AMG, effectively removing all barriers.

BEP20 fast transaction speed and minimal fees.

About AMG:

AMG is a utility token based on the BEP20 that will allow anyone, regardless of the amount invested, to participate in the virtual world while encouraging people to use a single currency. You decide and vote on how your assets will grow. From the upcoming marketplace, you will be able to purchase a wide range of assets such as Real Estate, cars, wearables, consumables, and other exciting items. Everyone has a fantastic opportunity to take the next step into the Blockchain Virtual World.



As reflected by our roadmap, we like to set big ambition and the kind of vision we have for our company and the AMG coin. So far we have been hitting every milestone and we are ready to tackle all the goals we’ve set for ourselves in the future.

We've Built A Platform To Buy And Sell Shares

It permits the storing and transfer of information (in this case, transactions) without going through a central intermediary institution.

Limited, Decreasing Supply

AmGen has a maximum supply of only 99 million coins and has several planned coin burn events.

10 Year Vesting

Team tokens are distributed progressively and monthly over a period of 10 years.

AMG Marketplace

An extensive number of assets will be available on the AMG Marketplace.

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Amgen Wallet

Start with as little as $50. Buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and over 50 other coins and tokens.

Numerous trending assets are available for staking. Annual yield up to 40%

Instant crypto swap for over 50 coins with the best exchange rates.

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You can now store all of your digital assets in a single wallet where you can conveniently buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency, regardless of the blockchain they are built on. We take extra precautions to ensure that your assets are secure using encryption technology. Do not forget to save your seed phrase (mnemonics) in a physical place in order to access or recover your wallet.

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